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John Perry’s Montana Fly Fishing

From novice to fly fishing expert,
we craft your perfect experience

John Perry’s Montana Fly Fishing has the set the standard for fly fishing outfitting and guiding for over 25 years. As the originator of several nationally-known flies and with thousands upon thousands of days on the water in pursuit of trout, there is little debate about who to call the patriarch of Missoula fly fishing.

Read John’s
river report,
fishing diary
Click here

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fly fisher, we have the guide and fishing experience that fits you best.

All of our guides have spent many seasons on the water and, if you ask them, most will tell you that they have chosen lives of total poverty in exchange for fishing time. When not guiding, our guides can be found around the western hemisphere pursuing finny critters of all shapes and sizes on their own.

It is this passion and dedication that has made our guides the finest in the fly fishing business and will give you a Montana fly fishing experience filled with wonderful memories that will last a lifetime!

Please feel free to call or e-mail us today to learn more about our services, rates, rivers and the availability of our Clark Fork River Lodge.

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Increase Store Traffic & Sales 5-10% IMMEDIATELY !

Imagine Your Logo on a huge eye-catching Advertising Ball floating directly

above your location!

At first it may seem like an unusual way to advertise. Yet, USA  Outdoor Media’s

durable Helium Advertising Spheres offer an unbeatable way to increase

store traffic and sales, or trade show booth


Advertising Sphere Balls

NYLON Material:

*7ft – 11ft

*$720 – $2500

*Full 1-Year Warranty

PVC Material:

*5.5ft – 10ft

*$280 – $1600

*Full 6-Month Warranty

NYLON or PVC material  is available, and easy-to-use Advertising Spheres, or

Helium Advertising Balls, are Great for Retail (outdoor & indoor), and Trade Shows!

  • Helium Sphere Balls fly directly above your location at 10-15 stories high!
  • Visible up to 1 Mile in All Directions (360 degrees)!
  • Larger sizes support Banners and Internal Light System.
  • Durable and Re-Usable.
  • Easy to put-up and take-down.
  • Unlike a party-balloon that goes flat in 24-hours…retains helium for weeks!
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Looking for a New Home on Wheels?

Well, since I have a nifty “new to me” truck now, I decided to start looking around for an upgrade in homes on wheels…..  I think I found it!

It’s a Jayco Jay Flight travel trailer, 24 ft. length and has a very nice slide out dining area, as well as a sofa!

Since I’m currently in a 19′ house with no slides, I have a feeling those of you who full-time RV know why I am rather excited about slides and sofas!!!  Little houses on wheels don’t have the space for those items…..

I’m also in love with the second interior color offered.  “Cinnamon”! My present home is “blue”, very nice, but rather masculine, though it has lent well to the remodeling I’ve done in here over the past couple of years…  Still, it’s time to consider a change and cinnamon has always been a favorite of mine!  It’s warm, yet not so gender oriented.

Take a look, I hope you agree I’ve got my eye on the right one for me!


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Customer Experience Management (CEM) Overview

The aim of customer experience management is to strategically manage your organization’s interactions with customers in a way that ensures customer retention, growth, and profitability.

Oriel Incorporated’s approach to customer experience management solutions has two fundamental components: the Voice of the Customer (VOC) and customer value analysis (CVA). With these tools, we integrate advanced survey research and statistical analysis techniques to help you understand the key drivers of customer satisfaction to improve your organization’s competitive position.

Voice of the Customer (VOC)

The Voice of the Customer (VOC) refers to understanding the expressed and latent needs of customers that your product or service can satisfy. Voice of the Customer data helps to identify the Critical to Quality elements (CTQs) that need to be addressed in process improvement efforts or through product or process design.

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Gameday Shirts at Odd Ball Tees

May your team…
“Kick Their Ass!”

Buy two or more shirts (Mens/Womens) and receive a 10% discount on your order. We donate $1 from every purchase to the American Forests Organization. Each dollar plants one tree in the right place for the right reason. Give the gift that grows with each year. Give the Gift of Wood!

Buy any four (4) for $48!

Includes Free Shipping and just $12 for each additional Gameday shirt.

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HoHoHo”, “Booooooo”, “Give Thanks”….any Seasonal Sales Event or Celebration comes to life with a Holiday or Holiday Inflatable.  Kids love ’em!

Unlike “lawn inflatables” sold at Walmart, these Commercial Holiday Inflatables are long-lasting and durable, lending visibility and advertising impact to any Retail or Corporate seasonal sale or special event.

  • Tie-down to Roof-Top, Parking Lot , or off-site Special Event.
  • Removeable Banner System allows for new Promotional Sales Messages as needed.
  • Add the Internal Light System for critical night-time exposure.
  • Heavy-Duty Vinyl Construction with Full Warranty.
  • Will outperform Newspaper, TV, Radio, and Direct-Mail.
  • Best Marketing Investment your company will ever make!
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Process Management Overview – Stata-Matrix

Do any of these situations apply to you?

    • Wondering why improvements do not happen as quickly as you hoped.
    • Feeling frustrated that improvements do not really change your bottom line.
    • Thinking that you have poured resources into improvement initiatives without adequate returns.
    • Asking why improvements don’t “stick.”
    • Expecting a lot more than you are getting out of your improvement efforts.
    • “Pushing” improvement in your organization without adequate management support, resources or funding.
  • Your company wants to start a process improvement effort but is afraid that although considerable costs, time, and resources will be used, there will be no sustainable gains a few years down the road.

If you are in either of these situations, you are not alone. Several recent surveys have shown that while companies still place a tremendous emphasis on process improvement, only a very small percentage of organizations systematically pursue and sustain these efforts over a period of time. All too often, what begins with a bang fizzles out in a few years with clearly demonstrable gains that have not been sustained….

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California Healing Arts College – About

California Healing Arts College is dedicated to graduating highly qualified massage therapists, able to:

  • Administer the art and science of Massage with confidence and quality
  • Show respect and care for clients
  • Derive satisfaction and respect from practicing the art of Massage
  • Exude professionalism to the general public
  • Educate others about the healing benefits of Massage Therapy

California Healing Arts College is an ACCSCT accredited institution eligible to participate in Title IV Federal Financial Assistance programs. Our most popular Massage Therapy program eligible for Federal Pell Grants and Federal Stafford and PLUS loans is our Massage Therapist – Master CN650 program.

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Rotary Synchronous Motors from Johnson Electric

UNUO 35mm UOUO 50mm UPUO 64mm
Saia Rotational Synchronous Torque Limited Motor Selection Overview
Typ Direction of rotation Dimensions (mm) rpm
@ 50/60Hz
Voltage (V) Power
50/60Hz (W)
Stalled limited Torque @ 50/60Hz 100% Duty Cycle)
Dia. Length
UNU0 reversible 35 32 75/450 24-230 24-230 0.25/0.3 0.6
UOU0 reversible 50 32 75/450 24-230 24-230 0.8/0.95 2.0
UPU0 reversible 64 69 75/450 24-230 24-230 2.75/3.3 7.0
All data is at 20°C ambient temperature and 100% duty cycle.
For further options or modifications please contact your local sales agent.
Optional Product Features include:
Special Motor Shafts
Pinions on shaft
Special cable lengths
Please feel free to combine our rotational synchronous torque limited motors with our large range of gears that increases your torque range up to 20 Nm. Refer to the individual size specification pages for combination possibilities.
Rotary Synchronous Motors
Design Tools
Synchronous Motor Overview
Gearbox Overview
Rotary synchronous torque limited motors are available in three sizes. They are unirotational motors that can operate in cw (clock wise) or ccw (counter clock wise) direction. Use the selection overview chart to determine which size offers the desired performance and mechanical specifications. Refer to the individual size specification pages for complete performance and mechanical data.
Saia Motors are precise & reliable products with limited torque 0.6, 2.0 or 7.0 cNm.
Diameter 35, 50 and 64 mm
Life rating of 25,000 hours
Saia rotational synchronous torque limited motors are ideal for applications with direct main power supply. They are perfectly designed to run applications with higher inertia.

Its long life and high reliability are definite advantages in applications involving:

Open/close valves
Diverter valves
Industrial equipment
Commercial equipment
Circuit breaker

Lean Six Sigma

Oriel Incorporated

Oriel is dedicated to helping organizations achieve excellence via performance improvement training and consulting. We recognize that the economic climate is tough and likely to get tougher still.  The one key element that will help your organization weather these challenging times is performance improvement.  Oriel Incorporated can help you learn how to achieve organizational excellence and sustain viability in your particular sector.

Our strength lies in our commitment to collaboration and our strong foundation of knowledge and experience in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies. Oriel’s areas of expertise include:

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